10 good reasons to practice the Technique Nadeau®

  • It consists of only 3 moves that YOU WILL LEARN ONCE and which will be useful for a lifetime. Forget the GYM EQUIPMENT or the GYM MEMBERSHIP !
  • It does not require any traveling, it can be practiced at home and in all seasons with or without the help of a coach to accompany your progress.
  • You will move all your vital organs progressively for exceptional vitality. It works the ENTIRE body from HEAD to TOE. It is a COMPLETE system of exercises in itself.
  • It is suitable for people of all ages and it has no major contraindication. It builds willpower, it reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It adjusts to your physical condition. It can be practiced by people with health problems as well as those in good health. It is the rhythm and the number of movements that differs.
  • It can regenerate the sight and the hearing. It can develop the memory. It can eliminate fatigue.
  • It allows an exceptional mobility of the vertebral column. It can eliminate back pain. It softens all the articulations.
  • It performs a deep massage of the abdomen. It can relieve certain disorders of the liver, the stomach, the intestine.
  • It can improve blood circulation, it can strengthen the heart and blood vessels, it can firm up the muscles.
  • The Technique Nadeau® is recognized by its followers as highly beneficial, simple and pleasant. It is a universal exercise.

Information on Technique Nadeau®.

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