The 3 moves

General benefits

Our body has incredible resources. These resources, once stimulated, give the organs a better functioning capacity. It is reasonable to think that anyone who practices these exercises regularly, with accuracy, will trigger regenerative mechanisms in their body.

First move :
The rotation of the pelvis
(Health Hula = Younger)

Beneficial effects :
  • Massages the abdominal organs
  • Promotes mobility of the spine
  • Improves the silhouette
  • Massages the solar plexus and relieves tension
  • Promotes blood circulation

Second move :
The full wave
(The wave = Smarter)

Beneficial effects :
  • Massages the heart and lungs
  • Increases the respiratory capacity
  • Massages the vital organs of the abdomen
  • Promotes digestion
  • Acts on the spine and restores flexibility and mobility
  • Softens the muscles and ligaments
  • Revitalizes the whole body

Third move :
The swimming standing
(The swimmer = Stronger)

Beneficial effects :
  • Strengthens arm and back muscles
  • Increases the flexibility of the joints and the spine
  • Allows for a drying out of the abdominal organs
  • In many cases, it reduces scoliosis or prevents its aggravation
  • Promotes the right position of the Atlas with the «yes» movement of the head
As making a life habit takes more than knowing how and why to exercise, you need the right mindset, a smart approach and this is where «The 3 moves» come in.
Please confirm with your Doctor if you are cleared to do «The 3 Moves» of the Technique Nadeau on a chair or standing up.
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