Is walking the best remedy ?

And what about the Technique Nadeau® ?

Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, born 460 Before Christ and died 370 BC at age 90 in ancient Greece, said that “the best remedy for mankind is walking“.

In the 80’s Henri Nadeau, an engineer, following a severe heart attack that caused partial paralysis of his left arm, recovered his superb physical condition through an exercise system he invented after watching television shows and reading many medical books. He invented what has become The 3 moves with the help of Colette Maher and the students in her Yoga Center.

Ok, what happens when you do the Technique Nadeau® regularly ? Your cardiovascular health is greatly improved by these daily moves. This system has multiple benefits for the circulatory system : Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, and even lower blood cholesterol.

Now, it’s a well-known fact that a short walking expedition helps the digestive process. Studies show that walking lowers blood sugar levels and helps food move from the stomach to the intestinal tract. Imagine what happens in your stomach with the Technique Nadeau®.

The lungs, with every move you make within The 3 moves, fill up on oxygen. That’s good for your lungs and your airways. It puts oxygen in your blood. Also your daily moves do your joints, muscles and tendons a world of good. Walking improves the range of motion and lubrication of the joints. Imagine what The 3 moves does to your whole body, all this in the 3 axes of your spine. This is why some of the Technique Nadeau® followers find that their arthritic pain diminishes.

Research shows that the benefits of walking on cognitive functions are real. In The 3 moves, your neck makes many up and down movements, the yes move, inside the second and third moves. The links between physical activity and its benefits for cognitive health have been demonstrated by numerous epidemiological studies and are the subject of consensus among specialists. Regular physical exercise contributes to good cognitive abilities by increasing cerebral vascularization and promoting the development of new neurons. It also helps to reduce certain cardiovascular risk factors that are associated with neurocognitive disorders, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

The final print in this post will be equilibrium. The 3 moves improves your balance since the neural circuits that promote it are solicited in all of The 3 moves. Check with your doctor if The 3 moves are a good transformation solution for you !

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