Consulting Physician in the Technique Nadeau®

The Technique Nadeau® has been part of my daily life for over 35 years now. It all started in 1985, when, quite by chance, I saw on a television show Mr. Henri Nadeau who, following a severe “heart attack and partial paralysis of the left arm”, recovered superb physical condition. Through his exercise system, The 3 moves, he demonstrates how he was able to regain his flexibility, agility, strength and determination especially after such a deterioration of his general condition. As a physician, I was fascinated by this first contact with, let’s say, the NADEAU phenomenon. This led me to purchase the book “Rajeunir par la Technique Nadeau” (Rejuvenate with Technique Nadeau), published by Colette Maher in collaboration with Mr. Henri Nadeau.

Afterwards, my interest and enthusiasm were shared by my wife who followed the course, first as a student and then as a teacher at Colette Maher’s Yoga Studio. In such a context, I had the privilege of deepening my knowledge and mastery of the Technique Nadeau’s 3 moves and of appreciating their impact on the human body through contact with Colette Maher and Mr. Henri Nadeau. I became a fervent promoter of «The 3 moves» with my patients and loved ones because I could see the beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal, digestive and cardiovascular levels.

And another positive element that I discovered is that, now retired, golf has become an important activity in my leisure time and I believe that the Technique Nadeau, especially with its first and second moves, favors a better weight transfer at the hip level, so important during the golf swing. It is important to learn and integrate the moves of this system of exercises under the guidance of qualified teachers in order to benefit from all the positive effects.

Since then, the Technique Nadeau has become an integral part of my day, it has become my daily “drug”. For my part, performed every morning on an empty stomach and under the encouragement of Camille Hébert’s warm voice – I took care to record the full version on all my mobile devices to make it a constant companion wherever I go – it allows me to stretch, to invigorate myself, and especially to start my day with enthusiasm.

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