Transformation of your health !

Learn about the Technique Nadeau®. This fitness program was invented by a Canadian and it started to be very popular in the late 80s and still is in the 2020s. Yes 40 years later !

The Technique Nadeau® is a very gentle form of gymnastics, it requires no equipment and little space to execute, it is in the same vein as Yoga and Tai Chi.

It consists of The 3 moves that are repeated several times in a precise manner while accelerating the rhythm and the number of moves as you become more comfortable with the moves.

The secret is slow and progressive training according to the state of health of each person, and on regularity of a near daily practice.

There are 6 levels : Different rhythm or speed of execution and the number of total movements :

  • 120 moves in 10 minutes is level 1 for people with health problems, moves are sitting on a chair
  • Step 2 is 240 moves in 15 minutes is level 2 standing, which is the typical starting point for a month
  • Step 3 is 400 moves in 20 minutes is level 3 standing, for another month or two
  • Step 4 is 600 moves in 20 minutes is level 4 standing, if you feel comfortable with this new speed
  • Step 5 is 960 moves in 20 minutes is level 5 standing, bring you to another level of health
  • The final step is 1200 moves in 20 minutes which is one move a second, you’ve mastered the Technique Nadeau® !

The daily practice of the Technique Nadeau® acts to reduce back and headaches, digestion problems, sleep problems and, above all, helping you to gain much better vitality at whatever level you are executing the 3 moves. The secret is consistency.

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